this week
Wednesday November 28th 2012, 4:04 pm

                                              Nov.28th-Dec.2nd 2012

Howdy,here’s this week…..

Wed.28th Iron Barley 5510 Virginia. Wallpaper,6:30-8:30 351-4500

Thurs.29th Joe’s Cafe 6014 Kingsbury.Dave Black and i.Plenty of guitar going on here.8-10:30

Fri.30th Sqwires 1414 S.18th Happier hour 5-7.Wallpaper.865-3522

Fri.30th Urban Chestnut Brewery 3229 Washington 8-11.Little of this and that.222-0143

Sat.Dec.1st Thurmans Grill 4069 Shenandoah.9-12.Same as above.772-8484

Sun.2nd The Shanti Corner of Ninth and Allen in Soulard.Noon-2 0r 2:30.Same as above

Sun.2nd The Schlafly Tap Room 2100 Olive.6:30-8:30.Wallpaper.231-BEER

Thats’ enough for one week.Adios,me